Preventive Bed Bug Service for High Rise Buildings

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Studies have proven that a building with an active bedbug population of 20% — 30% can be taken down to just 1% by having a proactive bedbug program as opposed to a reactive approach.

Bedbug Quick Facts

  • Bedbugs can develop immunity to pesticides in as few as 5 treatments, which is why it is critical to rotate products at least twice each year.
  • Up to 70% of seniors living in high-rise buildings are unaware they had bedbugs.
  • Bedbugs do not stay still. Bedbugs cap move from one room to the other in 24 hours and they can move from one apartment to another in 3 days.
  • Studies have shown that in high rise buildings by studying the DNA of the bedbugs, most of the infestation can be traced back to one or two bedbug families.
  • Common modes of bedbug entry are used furniture and friends and family members who visit.
  • Studies show that 1% — 2% of hotels have bedbugs, and when they do, it is normally light.

Having a preventive bedbug service will keep an apartment building under control far better than treating units as they become an issue.

Proactive vs. Preventive Bedbug Treatment

There are two models for a proactive service: inspection only or preventive treatments.

Inspection only can work well for a building less likely to have bedbugs. Inspections can range from once a year to four times a year. After every inspection, the treatments are then scheduled to any active units immediately after.

For preventive service, the building is serviced in sections so that every unit is treated and inspected at least every 3 months. Preventive services work well for more troubled buildings such as low income housing, senior living, transient short-term living, rooming houses, and shelters.

Pricing is for preventive services is done on a per case basis. A full survey and interview must be done to provide an accurate quote and optimal service program.

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