Odorous House Ants & How to Deal With Them

By bobbyleon 5 years ago
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Nicknamed piss ants or sugar ants, these little guys can take over a home or even an entire residential block. With multiple ant colonies ant their ability to adapt to the surroundings they can number in the millions.

A single, odorous house ant

Outdoors in the natural environment they will feed on honeydew as well as floral nectar. In a residence they will find many foods with most associated with sweets. They will even seek out items that carry sweet odors such as perfumes, toothpaste, and air fresheners, not really for consumption but it is the odors that attract them to a bathroom or a computer keyboard for example.

They have the ability to build a colony in the most obscure areas sometimes and they have a habit of moving the colony from location to location. Sometimes they can move in just one day. They can also have many multiple colonies and these colonies can divide into sub colonies very quickly. They can detect when chemicals are applied and will eventually simply find other ways around it or if the colony numbers are so great they can wear down a residual barrier and still have plenty of ants in the colonies to keep going. Sometimes when baits are used they know a certain branch is starting to get sick and simply close off that branch. They have such a keen awareness and great communication that it can become impossible for the average person to rid themselves of this type of ant infestation.

We use a non-repellent insecticide that works slow thus allowing the colony to be killed before they know what is happening. This is achieved through a transfer affect. We will use a combination of liquids and baits.

For a mild infestation one treatment can be enough. For a very heavy infestation in a neighborhood with many other infested homes that are not treating as they should, you can have problems popping up over and over. For that at least an every 3 month application  should be made.

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