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We have just completed a new install for bedbug, roach, mice, and other pest monitoring and preventive exterminating at a donation drop-off store that is geared to help out the community but in doing so this type of store runs a very high risk of spreading pests such as bedbugs, carpet beetles, and roaches. This is in no way the intention of the store nor the people making donations.

These pest are masters at hiding and hitchhiking a ride in the most unsuspecting places. Some examples include; books, toys, clothes, linen, luggage, appliances, electronics, food, cardboard, tools, shoes and almost any other item that you can imagine. Even through a close inspection of every item and this is almost impossible to do since there a large daily donation coming into the building and it take many labor hours just to process. To provide the meticulous inspection needed to catch a tiny insect egg, larvae, or baby deep inside an item it would just be impossible to do.

The store already has its own processes in place to inspect, and to treat furniture with approved products and to launder clothing and well as a good lay out and proper sanitation but this alone will not guarantee a pest free environment so we where contracted to help add additional control.

We came up with a plan that consist of constant pest monitoring by using bedbug monitors, roach, ant, beetle and mice monitors placed in strategic locations to best catch any potential infestations while at the same time applying residual insecticides, baits, and insect growth regulators that are best suited for that pest type and making sure that the pest control products are rotated to insure there is no chance of failing with a resistant strain of bedbug, roach or other.

We also put in place a rodent control program that consist of exterior bait stations, interior bait stations, and multi-catch traps.
Traps, bait stations, and monitors are placed in a pest log system that insures all pest control devices are numbered, labeled, dated on each service, then logged into the Akita book for reference and to ensure proper tracking.

With this type of mutual pest control program (integrated pest management) it now ensures the best possible results.

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