Preventative Bed Bug Treatment

Serving Homeowners and Apartment Complexes/Hotels

Do you have a bedbug infestation? You’re not alone. One in 5 Americans has a bedbug infestation or knows someone who does.

Lately, we’ve been receiving more requests for bedbug extermination service in the Lancaster, York, and Reading areas. You can rely on our preventative bed bug treatment program to keep the bed bugs OUT once the initial infestation has been eliminated completely.

“We’ve had bedbugs for months and almost just accepted it. After many companies [we have] have tried, finally Steve from Akita with his constant treatments and support helped us get rid of them for good!!!!”Josh Hornback (Google review)


Bedbug Treatment Guarantee

If your bedbug problem returns between visits, we will retreat at no additional cost.

Who We Serve

Homeowners and property managers/owners of apartment buildings or hotels. Preventative services work well for high-rise buildings, senior living facilities, and other large housing complexes. Read our blog post “Bed Bug Preventive Service in High Rise Buildings” to learn more.


Details About Preventative Bedbug Service

1. Visual Inspection
First, we’ll complete a visual inspection to develop your preventive bedbug treatment plan. The main factor is the structure must first be free of bedbugs. If that is not the case, then an intensive bedbug treatment must be completed.

2. Preventive Application
A preventive treatment is not a replacement for active bedbug treatment but aids in control by applying a light barrier at locations where bedbugs are likely to hide and includes a bedbug monitoring by using bedbug monitors and visual inspections. An intensive bedbug treatment will be applied if live bedbugs are found at no additional charge, as necessary. If an intensive service is required you may be asked to prepare your home for treatment and vacate for 4 hours. This service does not guarantee you won’t see bedbugs. It does guarantee that we will treat if bedbugs arise at no extra charge.

3. Bedbug Monitors
We use bedbug monitors to aid in our visual inspections. Other control products, which are not required, but help in prevention are available at an additional charge. Our service team member will review your options at the time of the evaluation and make recommendations for you to consider.

4. Treatment Frequency
For a single home, quarterly service is recommended. As part of this quarterly service, we will treat for most other pests too, as needed.

5. Can the Treatment Be Done While I’m There?
Yes, you can be there. You do not need to leave your home while we work.

6. Bedbug Mattress Liners
The ActiveGuard Mattress Liner is one product we recommend for preventing bedbugs from returning.

ActiveGuard mattress cover

Treatment Packages and Pricing

Preventive treatment packages start at $140 a quarter. This price does not include initial start up fee, extra bedbug encasements, or ActiveGuard Mattress Liners.

Visit our Pricing page to see prices for intensive bedbug treatment and other services.

Service Area

Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, and Reading. Call 717-775-7378 or Schedule an Appointment online.

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