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Our Services

Home Pest Control

For residential service, safety is our top priority. We use the upmost care in your home in order to provide a pest free home.

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Commercial Pest Control

It has been our staple for many years and we have a very impressive reference list of local business that we have built strong relationships with for over 20 years.

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Bed Bugs

We specialize in Bedbug work since we do such a large quantity of commercial work such as many large apartment complexes we do Bedbug work on a daily basis.

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When it comes to Termites there is only one way to do a proper treatment and that is per label specifications. We at Akita will always do professional termite treatment as it is supposed to be done.

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Bugs & Insects

Bed Bug Preventive Service in High Rise Buildings

December 14, 2017
Studies have proven that a building with an active bedbug population of 20% — 30% can be taken down to just 1% by having a proactive bedbug program as opposed to a reactive approach. Bedbug Quick Facts Bedbugs can develop immunity to pesticides in as few as 5 treatments, which is why it is critical to rotate products at least twice each year. Up to 70% of seniors living in high-rise buildings are unaware they had bedbugs. Bedbugs do not stay still. Bedbugs cap move from one room to the other in 24 hours and they can move from one apartment to another in 3 days. Studies have shown that in high rise buildings by studying the DNA of the bedbugs, most of the infestation can be traced back to one or two bedbug families. Common modes of bedbug entry are used furniture and friends and family members who visit. Studies show that 1% — 2% of hotels have bedbugs, and when they do, it is normally light. Having a preventive bedbug service will keep an apartment building under control far better than treating units as they become an issue. Proactive vs. Preventive Bedbug Treatment There are two models for a proactive service: inspection only or preventive treatments. Inspection only can work well for a building less likely to have bedbugs. Inspections can range from once a year to four times a year. After every inspection, the treatments are then scheduled to any active units immediately after. For preventive service, the building is serviced in sections so that every unit is treated and inspected at least every 3 months. Preventive services work well for more troubled buildings such as low income housing, senior living, transient short-term living, rooming houses, and shelters. Pricing is for preventive services is done on a per case basis. A full survey and interview must be done to provide an accurate quote and optimal service program.
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Pest monitoring & preventive exterminating

March 9, 2017
We have just completed a new install for bedbug, roach, mice and other pest monitoring and preventive exterminating at a donation type store that is geared to help out the community but in doing so this type of store runs a very high risk of spreading pest such as bedbugs, carpet beetles, and roaches. This is in no way the intention of the store nor the donators. These pest are masters at hiding and hitchhiking a ride in the most unsuspecting places. Some examples include; books, toys, clothes, linen, luggage, appliances, electronics, food, cardboard, tools, shoes and almost any other item that you can imagine. Even through a close inspection of every item and this is almost impossible to do since there a large daily donation coming into the building and it take many labor hours just to process. To provide the meticulous inspection needed to catch a tiny insect egg, larvae, or baby deep inside an item it would just be impossible to do. The store already has it’s own processes in place to inspect, and to treat furniture with approved products and to launder clothing and well as a good lay out and proper sanitation but this alone will not guarantee a pest free environment so we where contracted to help add additional control. We came up with a plan that consist of constant pest monitoring by using bedbug monitors, roach, ant, beetle and mice monitors placed in strategic locations to best catch any potential infestations while at the same time applying residual insecticides, baits, and insect growth regulators that are best suited for that pest type and making sure that the pest control products are rotated to insure there is no chance of failing with a resistant strain of bedbug, roach or other. We also put in place a rodent control program that consist of exterior bait stations, interior bait stations, and multi-catch traps. Traps, bait stations, and monitors are placed in a pest log system that insures all pest control devices are numbered, labeled, dated on each service, then logged into the Akita book for reference and to ensure proper tracking. With this type of mutual pest control program ( integrated pest management ) it now ensures the best possible results.
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Pest control software

November 18, 2015
With our very high tech pest control software, we make your experience a good one. We use in our opinion the most sophisticated pest control software system for pest control in the country. What this means for our customers; Now our technicians are able to work off of their smartphones at the job site to capture chemical usage, notes and inspection findings and corrective actions taken and any recommendations. We can even capture pictures with notes for each individual picture. We can process your payment at the job site. We can review history, say for example a new technician is at your home and he needs to look up past notes. He can easily do so, so that he is able to gather clues to help him figure out any problem solutions. If a change in the schedule should arise they will receive an instant notification. Customers will receive an appointment reminder prior to the service and will have a picture of the technician that is due to come out with a description of the technician. Customers are able to login to the customer portal to view any past invoices, work orders and anything else on thier past history. Customers are able to pay online as well. The design of feildworkhq software is done in a very safe manner that keeps all your information safe and secure by using private servers/networks hosted in a 3 tier center. All information is protected via SSL. For commercial customers it holds very valuable because of the increase communication and accountability. For traps and bait stations we place barcodes inside the control devices that are then scanned and logged into the account. With this we are able to capture lots of information for each individual control device. Customers will also have a trending report that shows a history of activity throughout the facility. These reports and many more can easily be accessed through the Customer Portal. Each customer will receive an invoice and a work order at the time of service instantly. These are just some examples of how customer service is performed at a very high-quality standard with our software partner fieldworkhq.com

Mice control

November 17, 2015
  Mice control / extermination in Lancaster PA, York PA, and Harrisburg PA. Mice can enter the home any time of the year but there is an increase in activity come fall. We have seen activity in homes ranging from one mouse to several dozen mice. There are many reasons why level of expectations and rise. Yes sanitation plays an important role however it may not always be the homeowner’s fault because they could be coming from a neighbor’s home or from a heavy population outside the immediate area. A city row home for example might suffer problems from a connected neighbor or connected sewer systems even though the home is very clean and well kept. This holds especially true for older homes with openings in basement rubble walls,  around plumbing and gaps throughout the wall voids. In a single home suburb environment there can also be an increased exterior activity from a wooded area or a farmers crop area and also especially when the neighbors use bird feeders. This tends to increase the populations and then in the fall they will enter to try to overwinter in the home. In some homes they can go unnoticed for a very long time if they have a steady supply of food and a not so often used location such as pet food in a garage. Once the level has reached to a dozen or more mice in a home you might expect to need more than one treatment. Mice are very well at adapting to many situations. They can survive extreme temperatures and they are excellent climbers. In most cases they are opertunistic and tend to nest near the food source. Mice will continue to breed even without a steady food source. Tips on preventing mice infestation are as follows: keep food in tight containers if not in closed cabinets, seal gaps around the exterior of home especially around plumbing, air conditioning lines, garage doors and under sidding. Do not feed birds cats or dogs outside unless you immediately clean up afterwards. Keep trash in closed containers. Try to reduce harborage areas outside where they may hide safely.  Report to the city officials any outside trash or abandoned buildings are not being kept up with. We do offer guaranteed services for rodent control. We use a combination of different traps and poisons.  All products placed are always in tamper-resistant containers and placed out of reach of pets or children. Results can vary from one to seven days depending on the situation.
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How to control fleas

November 10, 2015
How to control fleas. We provide flea control in Lancaster, PA. York, PA. and Harrisburg, PA. We have daily expertise in flea control. Flea control as a homeowner; Preventive tips; wildlife will bring fleas near your home. Rats, mice, chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels, possums stray cats and more. While it is impossible to keep unwanted critters away you can minimize the reasons why they come by keeping trash in tightly sealed cans, clean up after fruit trees, use chicken wire around your vegetables plants. Keep grills clean after every use. Most importantly remove or reduce harborage such as landscape stones, railroad ties, overgrown ivy and weeds. Seal off void spaces under decks or porches and keep grass and bushes trimmed. For your pets; keep the pets on a regular scheduled flea drop medication as recommended by your veterinarian. The flea drops will get into the pets blood and work after the flea feeds on the pet. This a slow steady control measure that works well. In the home;  Wash pet bedding often on high heat and vacuum, vacuum and vacuum some more. By doing this you will interrupt the fleas natural life cycle. Adult fleas will overfeed and the excess droppings that are excreted and then dropped onto the carpet where the larva stage will feed on it in order advance into the pupa stage where they will then become an adult. The vacuuming will also assist in picking up any loose eggs and triggering the pupa stage to hatch out because they sense the vibrations has a trigger to hatch. Other than the tips provided above we do not recommend the homeowner treat with pesticides on their own but if you do there are many products out there that can help. Please make sure that you read the label and follow the instructions to the letter. This is a very intense treatment that requires a larger amount of product to be placed into the home. Nearly all pesticide accidents that occur are from untrained homeowners that do not follow the specific guidelines. If you do attempt to do it yourself use extreme caution. Akita Pest Control flea elimination;  we use a combination of growth regulators specifically designed to inhibit the fleas growth process and an insecticide labeled for interior flea use. The types of products used are dependent on the type of flooring material in the home. We do provide a re-treatment guarantee on our work. Call us for with any questions or instructions on home preparations for flea control. We love to answer questions. Bobby Leon, Akita Pest Control


We approached Akita Pest Control back in 2012 when our business was mainly used appliances. Akita came in and since then we have been more than pleased with the results and customer service we receive on each visit. Bobby and his crew are very friendly and professional. Other than Akita we have not used any other company for our pest control needs because they have gone above and beyond to meet our expectations. Their prices are more than fair and they are very quick to come out when you call them. We would highly recommend Akita to anyone inquiring on pest control needs.

Rosie Reyes, Service Coordinator, K&A Appliance

We have used Akita Pest Control for over six years for extermination as well as preventive pest control treatment. We appreciate their extremely quick response time. Bobby and the technicians are dependable, thorough and perform the work in a professional and pleasant manner. Their pricing is also very reasonable.

Beth Detz, Lancaster City Housing Authority

Great company for all pest control needs. Have been using them for several years and cannot praise them enough. Reliable. Efficient and reasonably priced. Truly doesn’t get much better than that. Would recommend to anyone.

Liane Coble, Walnut Crossing Apartments

We approached Akita pest control over 10 years ago because we were having issues with the overall quality of service provided by our current pest control service. The one thing Bobby Leon and Akita have always shown is a hands-on customer service approach and willingness to go the extra mile to deal with our pest control needs no matter how big or small. Switching to Akita has turned out to be one of the best decisions our property has made and we would highly recommend Akita and all of the services they provide.

Terry Ranck, Towne House Apartments

I wanted to take a moment to celebrate our 15 years of working together! You have been part of the Grayco family since we took over Grayco in 2000. Your company continues to give us great service. Thank you for your hard work and quick service, and here is to 15 more!

Ann Miller, Grayco Apartments

Rest Haven-York is a one hundred fifty-nine bed facility that needs a pest free environment. Akitas’ commitment to service makes it a reality!

Russ Zeigler, Operations Manager