We at Akita will almost always beat the competitions price because we understand that fair and honest affordable prices will help us gain repeat business. If we cannot beat their price then more than likely it is because they will not do the job right and will rush or cut corners. We will never sell you anything that you do not need and we are more than happy to give you advice on any do-it-yourself techniques or pest information.

Below is a very loose general treatment prices since every job is unique. Different homes or business will have many different construction deficiencies or none at all. There are also many different levels of infestations. An infestation of 3 pests to an infestation of 300 pests can adda lot more product usage, and time spent and the job. A very mild problem can be cured in only one treatment and can be guaranteed, however a very heavy infestation might require multiple treatments to cure.

$125 – $175 for Ants, Spiders, centipedes, silverfish, beetles, roaches, boxelder bugs, Stinkbugs, Earwigs, crickets, Mice, Rats and other minor pest. This is a typical price for a one time or for an initial service. Re-treatment guarantees for 30 days if applicable.

$150 – $225 for Fleas. This will cover one treatment depending on size and infestation level. Second treatment cost half the price at $75 – $110 and come with a Re-treatment guarantees for 30 – 60 days if applicable.

$350 – $800 for Bedbugs. This generally covers two to three treatments. Price range varies greatly. A phone interview can narrow it down more but a home inspection must be made for a final price. The above price ranges from a one bedroom apartment to a large home. Price is also determined by infestation level and other factors. Re-treatment guarantees for 60 – 90 days if applicable.

$5 -$10 Per Linear foot for Subterranean Termites. Price range varies greatly depending on many factors including construction type. Any property must be inspected in order to give an estimate. Re-treatment guarantees for 1 – 5 years if applicable and optional renewals after that.

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