Mosquito Treatment and Prevention

Don't let Summer Pests, Pester you all Summer

The service and results you have come to expect from Akita Pest Control, are now available for your summertime needs. We can make sure your backyard, garden, or patio are safe from annoying mosquitoes all summer long! Just like our other services, Mosquito treatment comes with upfront package pricing and a free estimate!

Evaluation and Inspection

Akita offers free evaluations and inspections to determine where mosquitos are present on your property, and if treatment is right for you. Our trained technicians will assess your property by looking for areas with standing water where mosquitos breed and observing how much foliage exists on the edge of the property to create a barrier against these pests. Once your property has been examined and we have determined if treatment is feasible, our technicians move forward with a custom quote based on the recommended frequency of treatment and treatment type.


Single Treatment & Recurring Service

The pricing of our residential mosquito control is based on the size of your lot in acres, plus the amount of foliage that we need to treat. We can treat all shrubberies, low hanging branches, and flower beds (except pollenating flowers) to target where mosquitos are and creating a perimeter around your property (based on available foliage) to keep new mosquitoes out! Customers can sign up for a single treatment, or recurring service all season long. Properties with a large amount of landscaping may incur additional charges. Additionally, Akita Pest Control does not require contracts or long-term commitments: we are confident in our results, but we know you will only continue with us if you are completely satisfied—recurring services can be canceled at any time hassle-free.

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No Contract, No Commitment

Whether you have worked with Akita in the past, or you’re a new customer, have peace of mind and cancel anytime. We require zero contracts or long term commitments!

Request a Quote or call us: 717-775-7378

Mosquito Treatment Costs

Average Price for Initial/Single Treatment:

  • ¼ Acre: $70
  • ½ Acre: $85
  • ¾ Acre: $100
  • 1 Acre: $115

Average Price for Recurring Service:

  • ¼ Acre: $50
  • ½ Acre: $60
  • ¾ Acre: $75
  • 1 Acre: $85

Preventative Action

Here are some tips from our technicians that homeowners can take advantage of in addition to professional treatment.

  • Eliminate or treat Standing Water: Mosquitoes can breed in very little water. Dump standing water from inside tires, children’s toys and play-structures, and other areas where water can collect like tarps.
  • Control Grass and Shrubbery: Mosquitoes rest and take cover from predators in cool, shady places like decorative grasses and plants. Pruning your landscape features may help keep insects away from where you spend your time outdoors.

*Please be aware that none of these tactics completely eliminate mosquitos, so bug repellent and professional service is always recommended.



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