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Bobby Leon, Owner Akita Pest Control

Bobby Leon, Owner, Akita Pest Control

Akita was started in 2006. Our roots in pest control run deep.
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My father had 35 years in the pest control industry in Miami Florida and in NYC. I first trained with him in 1986, on my 17th birthday — I’ve been in pest control ever since.

We worked for several companies, from small to large. I have specialized in problem solving skills and always became the technician to call upon when there were problems no one else could fix or when an account is too important to leave to anyone else. I was an award-winning technician, manager, and inspector.
I have gathered this knowledge and combined many other training courses and decided to open the most reliable, knowledgeable and professional company in central PA.
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Our staff also has many years in the industry; we compensate them above the industry average and strive to maintain a happy work environment. We believe that happy technicians equal happy customers.

Since our opening, we have grown at an amazing rapid pace due to our reputation and word-of-mouth referrals.