How To Control Fleas in Your Home

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Outside Your Home
Wildlife will bring fleas near your home (rats, mice, chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels, opossums, stray cats, etc.)

While it is impossible to keep unwanted critters away, you can minimize the reasons why they come by keeping trash in tightly sealed cans, clean up after fruit trees, use chicken wire around your vegetables plants. Keep grills clean after every use. Most importantly remove or reduce harborage, such as landscape stones, railroad ties, overgrown ivy and weeds. Seal off void spaces under decks or porches and keep grass and bushes trimmed.

For your pets keep the pets on a regular scheduled flea drop medication as recommended by your veterinarian. The flea drops will get into the pets blood and work after the flea feeds on the pet. This a slow steady control measure that works well.

In the Home
Wash pet bedding often on high heat and vacuum, vacuum and vacuum some more. By doing this you will interrupt the fleas natural life cycle. Adult fleas will overfeed and the excess droppings that are excreted and then dropped onto the carpet where the larva stage will feed on it in order advance into the pupa stage where they will then become an adult. The vacuuming will also assist in picking up any loose eggs and triggering the pupa stage to hatch out because they sense the vibrations has a trigger to hatch.

Fleas in dog fur

Other than the tips provided above we do not recommend the homeowner treat with pesticides on their own but if you do there are many products out there that can help. Please make sure that you read the label and follow the instructions to the letter. This is a very intense treatment that requires a larger amount of product to be placed into the home. Nearly all pesticide accidents that occur are from untrained homeowners that do not follow the specific guidelines. If you do attempt to do it yourself use extreme caution.

How We Treat Flea Infestations
We use a combination of growth regulators specifically designed to inhibit the fleas growth process and an insecticide labeled for interior flea use. The types of products used are dependent on the type of flooring material in the home. We do provide a re-treatment guarantee on our work. Call us for with any questions or instructions on home preparations for flea control. We love to answer questions.

We provide expert flea control for Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg. Contact us if you need help eliminating fleas.

Bobby Leon, Owner
Akita Pest Control

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