How We Get Rid of Mice in the Home

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Mice can enter the home any time of the year but there is an increase in activity come fall. We have seen activity in homes ranging from one mouse to several dozen mice.

There are many reasons why level of expectations and rise. Yes sanitation plays an important role however it may not always be the homeowner’s fault because they could be coming from a neighbor’s home or from a heavy population outside the immediate area. A city row home for example might suffer problems from a connected neighbor or connected sewer systems even though the home is very clean and well kept. This holds especially true for older homes with openings in basement rubble walls,  around plumbing and gaps throughout the wall voids.


In a single home suburb environment there can also be an increased exterior activity from a wooded area or a farmers crop area and also especially when the neighbors use bird feeders. This tends to increase the populations and then in the fall they will enter to try to overwinter in the home. In some homes they can go unnoticed for a very long time if they have a steady supply of food and a not so often used location such as pet food in a garage.

Once the level has reached to a dozen or more mice in a home you might expect to need more than one treatment.

Mice are very well at adapting to many situations. They can survive extreme temperatures and they are excellent climbers. In most cases they are opportunistic and tend to nest near the food source. Mice will continue to breed even without a steady food source.

Tips on preventing mice infestation are as follows: keep food in tight containers if not in closed cabinets, seal gaps around the exterior of home especially around plumbing, air conditioning lines, garage doors and under siding. Do not feed birds cats or dogs outside unless you immediately clean up afterwards. Keep trash in closed containers. Try to reduce harborage areas outside where they may hide safely.  Report to the city officials any outside trash or abandoned buildings are not being kept up with.

We do offer guaranteed services for rodent control. We use a combination of different traps and poisons.  

All products placed are always in tamper-resistant containers and placed out of reach of pets or children. Results can vary from one to seven days depending on the situation.

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