Do you have a bed bug infestation? Don’t know who to call?

Our team of certified pest control technicians has been serving Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, and Reading areas since 2006.

At Akita Pest Control, we not only take pride in our bed bug treatment service, but also our attitude toward service. Other companies tend to not offer pricing over the phone or to walk-in customers. With sales as their center, many pest control companies refuse to discuss payment until a professional has already performed an initial service call. Not with us.

Why Akita is different.

At Akita, we understand that 21st Century consumers not only want quality service—they want control over the selection of the service they are contracting. Akita strives to only advise customers on what they need for their specific circumstances and assist the consumer in selecting the appropriate service package that includes a set price.

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Bed Bug Treatment Guarantee

If your bed bug problem returns between visits, we will retreat at no additional cost.

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We Service Residential and Commercial Clients

Homeowners and property managers/owners of apartment buildings or hotels. Preventative services work well for high-rise buildings, senior living facilities, and other large housing complexes. Read our blog post “Bed Bug Preventative Service in High Rise Buildings” to learn more.

Bedbug Pricing & Consultation

Service is generally covered in two to three treatments. Depending on the type/size of the space that is infested, infestation size, and other factors bed bug treatment can vary from $350 – $800. A phone interview can narrow down an initial diagnosis for rough cost estimates, but an in-person professional inspection must be made for a final price.

Preventative Maintenance, different from infestation treatment, is also available. Based on the recommended quarterly preventative treatment frequency, preventative packages start at $140 per quarter.

Commercial Bed Bug Treatment

Hotels, High-Rises, Apartment Facilities:

  • Akita professionals recommend a preventative treatment plan regardless of the presence of an active infestation.

Effective & Efficient:

  • We reward our service technicians for every job done correctly—this means our customers can count on quality and timely bed bug treatment.

Residential Bed Bug Treatment

Prevention is key:

  • 93% of single family homes will experience bed bugs (NPMA)
  • 66% of pest professionals indicated that warmer months are when bed bugs are most active (NPMA).

*DIY solutions may indicate temporary reprieve, but professional assessment and treatment is the safest and most guaranteed method for bed bug removal and prevention



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