Bed Bugs


Do You Have an Active Bedbug Infestation?

bedbug closeup
Here are 4 common signs of a bedbug problem:

  1. Fecal stains/blood spots on linen, mattress, or walls.
  2. Wake up with bites on skin (not all bites show, and people react differently).
  3. Live bedbugs or molted skins.
  4. Eggs pasted on headboards, other furniture, and in gaps.

If you see any of these signs, Request a Bedbug Evaluation »

We specialize in bedbug work since we do such a large quantity of commercial work such as many large apartment complexes we do Bedbug work on a daily basis.

Our technicians have an extreme amount of experience in Bedbug elimination. Somedays our technicians will do two to three jobs a day each.

Our technicians receive a bonus every time a job is done correctly over and above their regular pay. Their desire to eliminate a problem correctly is as strong as your desire to rid them out of your home.

Rest assured we will eliminate an infestation with the most aggressive and safe techniques available for you and your family. Since we are so efficient at bedbug work we can normally eliminate an infestation within two treatments when most other companies will require three.

Due to the above facts our prices will always be very affordable as well and we will always guarantee our work! (Extreme clutter or if customer failed to prepare home will void guarantee)

Bedbugs are very difficult to eliminate, and do-it-yourself measures will not work at all. Be sure to call us for the most professional bed bug treatment and affordable pest control available.

Bedbug Treatment Facts

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National Pest Management Association bedbug infographic
Infographic Source: National Pest Management Association