When it comes to Termites there is only one way to do a proper treatment and that is per label specifications. We at Akita will always do professional termite treatment as it is supposed to be done. We will never cut corners. Applications are always mixed and applied properly with the correct amounts. We have the newest tools and use the best products on the market. We use extreme care to assure that the job is performed as neat and safe as possible. We will try our hardest to make sure everything looks the same way we found it. We care because we love the good reviews and because we do not want to come back to fix a poorly done job since we guarantee every job for one to five years and offer extended warranties as well. The owner of Akita PestControl is at every Termite job to assure 100% satisfaction. We also have an impressive Termite reference list to back our promise.
We use Termidor for our soil applications. This will cost us more but it is well worth it since it saves us the cost of having to re-treat a home and to keep customers satisfied.

Termidor is applied as a continuous chemical soil zone around and under the home. Some termiticides are repellent and rely on keeping termites away from treated structures. While such products are toxic to termites, very few of the termites are actually killed before being repelled by the termiticide barrier. As a result, termites remain alive and actively seek gaps in the barrier in order to gain access to the building. They do this day after day, year after year until they find a way through.

Termidor is non-repellent to termites. This means that they cannot detect the product and will not avoid the treated area. As a result, termites continue to forage through the soil until they encounter Termidor and pick up a lethal dose.

Termidor and The Environment:

When applied according to the label directions, the Termidor Inside-Out program has minimal impact on the environment. It is applied at some of the lowest doses of any of the termiticides available today, and the active ingredient has been registered in household pet products in Australia since 1996. Termidor has been assessed by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, and is fully approved for use in domestic and commercial situations. Termidor is water-based and has no odor, will not leach through soil and is not damaging to soil micro-organisms, earthworms and plants.

Termidor provides fast elimination and highly effective,long-term residual termite control. With a unique mode of action, Termidor will not only eliminate the current activity (including the nest) but will provide proven protection against termite entry and will continue to control termites for at least eight years. When compared with other termiticides, Termidor has consistently provided termite control over a significantly longer period. Termidor also controls termite populations more rapidly than baiting systems which rely on attracting termites to begin to work.

Termidor can only be applied by a licensed pest control operator to ensure that the treatment is successful. For control of termites and peace of mind, insist on Termidor. If you’re not asking for Termidor, you’re asking for trouble.

The Transfer Effect:

Termidor kills termites through contact and ingestion. Because Termidor is non-repellent, termites unknowingly ingest the product when they eat. Also, since termites can’t detect Termidor, they go about their routine activities. So even if termites are not feeding, Termidor will still kill via contact.

Thanks to Termidor’s unique Transfer Effect, termites don’t even need to come into contact with the treated soil to die. Termites that do come into direct contact with Termidor subsequently pick up the product on their bodies and serve as carriers who then transfer Termidor to other termites. These secondarily affected termites can also pass Termidor on through feeding or contact.

Termidor controls termite populations faster than any other termiticide, especially bait/monitoring systems, but is relatively slow acting in individual termites. Therefore, termites have ample time to spread Termidor to their nest, & entire colony, well before dying.