Termite Control & Inspection Services

Stop existing termites in their tracks and protect against future infestations.

At Akita, our approach to termite treatment is for it to be effective, safe, and final. We never cut corners. It is rare that we need to return to a job for termite re-treatment, and we like it that way.

Termidor® Termite Treatment

Termidor® is a liquid application that is applied along the foundation or exterior perimeter of your home or building. A licensed pest control professional should apply Termidor® to ensure successful treatment. We've recommended and have used Termidor® for years because it eliminates termites quickly and offers long-term protection. Since its introduction in 2000, the product has held up well in soil testing, and is predicted to offer protection indefinitely.


Trelona® Termite Baiting Stations

Trelona ATBS Annual Bait Stations feature a superior design that leads to faster termite hits. A 2012 University of Delaware study reported that Trelona Annual Bait Stations worked faster than Sentricon®, when both stations were placed within 0.5 meters of an active termite colony.

Termite Treatment Guarantee

If your termite problem returns between visits, we will retreat at no additional cost.

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Termite Inspections and Treatment for Central PA Homes & Businesses

We serve homeowners and property managers/owners of apartment buildings or hotels. We inspect for evidence of termite activity, and then draw a treatment graph with specs. A termite certification costs $95.

Pricing for Termite Services

Termite treatments range from $6-$10 per linear foot. Pricing will vary and is dependent on several factors, including building type and extent of the infestation. To give an accurate estimate, we must first inspect the property. Re-treatment is guaranteed for 1–5 years, if applicable.

Commercial Termite Inspection & Treatment

Serving Hotels, High-Rises, Apartment Facilities:

  • We’ll create a custom a solution that suits your business/facility.
  • Our powerful, but safe, termite treatments penetrate hard-to-reach spots, even behind concrete and asphalt.
  • Schedule an inspection today if you believe your business has termites.

Residential Termite Inspection & Treatment

Do You Think Your Home Has a Termite Problem?

  • Subterranean termites are known to cause damage to homes in Pennsylvania.
  • March to May is their most active swarming period in our area.
  • Schedule an inspection today if you believe your home has termites.


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