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With our very high tech pest control software, we make your experience a good one.
We use in our opinion the most sophisticated pest control software system for pest control in the country.
What this means for our customers;
Now our technicians are able to work off of their smartphones at the job site to capture chemical usage, notes and inspection findings and corrective actions taken and any recommendations.
We can even capture pictures with notes for each individual picture.
We can process your payment at the job site. We can review history, say for example a new technician is at your home and he needs to look up past notes. He can easily do so, so that he is able to gather clues to help him figure out any problem solutions.
If a change in the schedule should arise they will receive an instant notification.
Customers will receive an appointment reminder prior to the service and will have a picture of the technician that is due to come out with a description of the technician.
Customers are able to login to the customer portal to view any past invoices, work orders and anything else on thier past history.
Customers are able to pay online as well.
The design of feildworkhq software is done in a very safe manner that keeps all your information safe and secure by using private servers/networks hosted in a 3 tier center. All information is protected via SSL.
For commercial customers it holds very valuable because of the increase communication and accountability.
For traps and bait stations we place barcodes inside the control devices that are then scanned and logged into the account. With this we are able to capture lots of information for each individual control device.
Customers will also have a trending report that shows a history of activity throughout the facility. These reports and many more can easily be accessed through the Customer Portal.
Each customer will receive an invoice and a work order at the time of service instantly.
These are just some examples of how customer service is performed at a very high-quality standard with our software partner
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